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Are you a foreigner and want to formalize your business in Chile? For only $150,000, we help you with all the legal aspects thanks to Emprende.cl.

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    Investor ID and Legal Representation

    At Emprende.cl, we offer two complementary services to facilitate your investment in Chile and the creation of your company quickly and in accordance with the country’s regulations.

    Our representation fees are tailored to your needs and are determined based on the scope and complexity of the services required.

    Don’t worry about the legal and bureaucratic aspects. Contact us for more information and to successfully start your investment in Chile.

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    What does our service include?

    1. Investor Rut Management:

    We advise and manage the obtaining of the Investor Rut for foreign natural persons or foreign companies wishing to invest in Chile. We help you with the necessary documentation and the procedures with the Internal Revenue Service (SII) to obtain the Rut. We provide comprehensive advice on all legal and tax aspects necessary to invest and formalize your company in Chile.

    2. Adjustment of Company Regulations in Chile:

    At Emprende.cl, we are here to facilitate the process of creating your new company in Chile. We know that each business is unique, so we tailor your business entity to Chilean regulations according to your project’s criteria. We offer you various options, each with its own characteristics:

    SpA (Corporation by Shares): This structure allows for shareholder participation and the issuance of shares, providing you with flexibility in management. It is ideal for businesses with multiple investors.

    EIRL (Individual Limited Liability Company): If you are a sole entrepreneur, the EIRL is an excellent choice. It provides personal liability limitation and the possibility of operating as a sole owner.

    SA (Corporation): If you are considering a larger business with the possibility of being listed on the stock exchange, the

    SA could be your option. This structure is suitable for larger companies and allows for the entry of public investors.

    Limited (Limited Liability Company): If you are managing a medium or small business with a limited number of partners, the limited company offers liability limitation and a solid structure.

    At Emprende.cl, our commitment is to help you make informed decisions and set up the business structure that best fits your project. If you need more information about any of these types of companies or are ready to take the next step, contact us! We are here to assist you.

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